Meet my family!

Introduce lang kita sa family ko. 🙂 I am a dad of this cute little baby girl and a very responsible partner to my wife. They are my everything. They are my deepest why, and I will do everything in my power to give them a comfortable life. Responsibility ko rin yun as the head of the family.

I know you have someone depending on you too, and that gives us more reason to get JUSTIN-Proof our life. Gaya nga nung tanong ko kanina and tatanungin kita ulit, 

JUSTIN CASE, may mangyari sayo (knock on wood), handa ka ba kay JUSTIN? how much do you have in your pocket/bank account JUSTIN CASE may mangyari, SECURED ba ang future ng anak mo? If the answer is NO, tell me ano ba ang pangarap mo para sa kinabukasan ng mga anak/pamilya mo?

I am just right here, we can talk about how we can get that peace of mind that whatever happened, my family would still be financially secured. 

But… don’t get me wrong, you are already making a big step considering that you’ve reached this part of our conversation. I would like to share with you a file, that can help you manage your finances well. 

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